Tryouts June 11-24th for Boys/Girls U10-U20: Reserve Your Spot Today!

by Media Dept.

NJ Teamsters FC Academy is modeled after the elite Pro Academies around the world; our Academy is here to nurture Talent by strategically developing and implementing a total football lifestyle  for each player. Doing so, we’ve hand selected our Staff to provide the ultimate environment for growth.

We believe in investing in our players, much like you as parents, believe in making the necessary sacrifices to give your child(ren) the best life experiences to help them become successful. NJTFC is founded on the long term development of your child(ren) on and off the field. By introducing an age specific 365 day a year growth lifestyle, the pathway for development is clearly defined to maximize results.


Technical - the foundation of any player, NJTFC’s focus from the early age groups through our professional team is to stress the fundamentals of the game. Through positive reinforcement and repetitions, players will learn to master all aspects of the game.

Physical & Fitness - athletes are required to be able to withstand the physical demands of the sport. To allow our players to be in the best shape possible, we offer a comprehensive 365 day workout program for the gym and field to ensure your child is able to perform to the best of their abilities.

Nutritional - competing year round in a sport puts stress on the body. To circumvent any potential fatigue and/or potential injuries, a nutritional guideline is available for players to elevate their performance and recovery time.

Tactical - the game is constantly evolving, and with it bold, new, innovative tactics are being ushered into the world. NJTFC’s commitment to its players is continuing to provide educational instruction and development to allow players to thrive in all tactical scenarios regardless of the formation.

Mental - the mental fortitude of an athlete often determines how successful the player is on and off the field. NJTFC believes in challenging the players to build the player into the best person they can be.

Professionalism - attitude, punctuality, work ethic, composure, confidence, and accountability are key components to being successful in any industry. NJTFC provides an environment that encourages the professional approach on and off the field and holds everyone to the highest standards.


Youth players developed in the NJTFC Academy are afforded the luxury of multiple paths to become their best selves upon graduating from the Youth Program.

College - Through strategic partnerships, players & parents will have assistance throughout the college application and recruitment process. Athletic scholarships open doors that lead to opportunities you and your child(ren) could only dream about. We are here to guide you along this path!

NJ Teamsters FC Pro Team & NJ Teamsters FC Reserve Team - One of the key benefits of owning and operating a professional club is the ability to promote players from the youth team to a professional club.

Domestic & International Professional Careers - NJTFC has and continues to develop key partnerships with individuals who held successful professional careers both domestically and internationally. Utilizing their network to assist players in furthering their professional careers is a unique opportunity afforded to all NJTFC Youth Academy Players.

The New Jersey Teamsters FC Family looks forward to assisting you in your path to becoming the best player you can be on and off the field! #standready2strike!