NJ Teamsters FC Unveil New Logo at View Party Across Social Platforms

by Media Dept.

                                                             Art Credit: Diptongo Media Group

Bayonne, New Jersey - New Jersey Teamsters Football Club (NJTFC) hosted the first Pro Premier 2019 Season 'Viewer Party' across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter announcing the launch of our new logo, new content and a new vibe. NJTFC's logo design was created by Oscar Award nominees, the Colombian based production firm, Diptongo Media Group (DMG). 

NJTFC players and followers logged on to see what the ruckus was about. General Manager Alex Geraldino confessed he was pleasantly surprised to see the new logo and video. He said, "When Coach Romero and I arrived on the practice pitch, the players were excited! They came up to me and told me how it great it (logo) looks, that they're looking forward to a great season and to affirm that we're starting off on the right foot." Geraldino added, "My international friends texted me and reached out to me on WhatsApp to congratulate me and stated that the logo looks awesome, with exclamation points!  My Technical Director Jorge Vasquez who is based in Spain, also wrote to say that the brand looks 'fabulous.'"

Additionally, a friend of the team Chris Ashdown, the CEO of popular heated physio-pants of Lizard Heat wrote, "The NJ Teamsters has the horse power to win the league, the passion to make a difference and the desire to excel as athletes!" In fact, Chris would know since NJTFC was the fist soccer club in the USA to wear Lizard Heat!

Stay tuned for more content that will allow fans and potential fans an up-close and personal experience with the club, our brand and our players. Stand ready to conquer, #standready2strike!