NJ Teamsters FC Suspends Practice & Pro Tryouts

by Alex & Sibrena Geraldino

Dear Family & Friends,

We regret to confirm that we have suspended all activities due to the global pandemic, coronavirus 2020. This includes all community activities, practices and pro tryouts, until further notice. You can continue to register on our website for pro tryouts, as you will be notified with new dates once our new schedule is released.

Furthermore, we will continue to follow the direction of President Trump, New Jersey Governor Murphy, Bayonne's Mayor Jimmy Davis, and the County of Hudson to ensure all of our safety. Let's not panic or have any fear, just stay informed by updates on your local news outlets and your local authorities websites and social media handles. You are not alone, we Americans will stay united and continue to fight this disease along with our global family. 

Here are some tips to staying healthy:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly every hour for 20 seconds
  2. Resist touching your face
  3. If you have a cough, cover your mouth with your inside fold of arm & stay 10 feet away from others when doing so
  4. Drink 8 oz of water every hour
  5. Ask your physician if you can take Vitamic C & D3
  6. When possible swallow a clove of garlic and/or eat an orange every hour or every 3 hours
  7. If you have a fever, take an aspirin or tylenol - consult with your physician 
  8. Stay in doors and enjoy visiting friends and relatives via skype or facetime 

We promise to keep you posted. We are wishing you all safety and good health during this time. #standready2strike


Alex & Sibrena Geraldino