NISA's Remaining Spring 2020 Season Cancellation, RTP & More!

by Media Dept.

Due to COVID-19, our league - National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) made a formal announcement cancelling the remaining 2020 spring soccer season. NISA formed a COVID-19 Task Force manned by medical experts to advise, took direction from the sanctioning body, U.S. Soccer Federation, and other pro leagues to make a smart determination. Appropriately, NJ Teamsters FC will continue to follow protocol from our state and local government as well as, NISA. 

NISA's has implemented a Return to Play plan for all clubs would would be preparation, return to training and in August, return to match for the 2020 fall season. NISA and the league of owners will continue to make it a priority to work and play in a safe environment, for all. Soccer Today reported our Fall season will be played either a closed door, open door with limited fans or open to the public.

In other league news, we all welcomed New Amsterdam FC, another New York City region team, forming a "trinity" - as I like to call it - for the region with NJ Teamsters FC, NY Cosmos and New Amsterdam FC. All we can say is, the derby is going to be sick

What's in store for NJ Teamsters FC? Well we can testify that the front office and technical staff is still working hard to ensure a successful launch spring 2021. While things has  been slow for all businesses and ventures that we've been working on, thanks to the pandemic however, we are looking forward to finalizing several deals, resuming our tryout schedule and more. 

Our stadium has been put to great use as a COVID-19 testing center. We are thankful and proud of the front line medical staff and workers who are diligent wit helping the sick and people at risk. Thank you Mayor Jimmy Davis, City of Bayonne, Hudson County, the entire state of New Jersey and New York for keeping us informed and doing their best to protect the citizens of New Jersey and New York.  

You know how we role, we "stand ready to strike"  at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium in the great City of Bayonne sometime in the near future. No worries, tryouts and training camp is on the horizon! Stay safe and stay in until further notice from the CDC and your local and state government!