Honoring NJTFC Player Giro Guida Today on Veterans Day! #salute

by Media Dept.

For the 1st time in NJ Teamsters FC we are super excited to honor our United States Veterans this year! Our military men and women sacrifice their lives for us and we sure as hell appreciate them! We interviewed Reserve squad teammate Girolamo Guida, No#16 is our Outside Mid-Defender and a NJ native hailing from Tom's River via Brooklyn, NY. 

Giro has an abundance of energy and is definately a hero to us all. Let us salute all of our armed forces and pray for their families, their health and safety. Enjoy this Q&A interview and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

NJTFC: Tell us your full name, military branch and rank?

Giro: Girolamo Guida, Corporal, United States Marine Corps and I have an Honorable Discharge from the Marine.

NJTFC:  Where are you originally from and where did you graduate high school and/or college?

Giro: Born in Brooklyn, NY., and graduated from Toms River East High School in New Jersey.

NJTFC: Tell me why you decided to honor our country and join the military? 

Giro: I joined the military because I felt affected by the tragic events of 9/11 and I wanted to do my part to serve and protect the USA.

NJTFC: How many years did you serve and where were you deployed?

Giro: I served for 4 years on active duty and was stationed at Camp Lejuene, North Carolina.

NJTFC: What were your day-to-day responsibilities?

Giro: My day to day life in the Marines was combat oriented so, everything we did was geared toward deploying overseas to combat terrorism.

NJTFC: Did you do any terms in war and if so, how did it affect you?

Giro: I proudly served one full combat tour in Iraq.

NJTFC: Did you have any mentors and if so, tell me something important that he/she taught you and in which you apply to your everyday life, as a civilian?

Giro: My mentors were my drill instructors and senior Marines who taught me to strive constantly to be the best at everything I do, and above all, to never quit or give up.

NJTFC: Let’s talk soccer, when did you learn to play soccer and where?

Giro: I started soccer when I was 5 with St. Clare soccer on Staten Island.

NJTFC: What’s your position here at NJTFC?

Giro: I'm an outside defender. 

NJTFC: What made you tryout for the team?

Giro: I've noticed the NJ Teamsters website, and was especially impressed by their victory in the UPSL and Hydro One Cup

NJTFC: Have has military life prepared you for the discipline and commitment that it takes to be a soccer player? 

Giro: Yes! I believe my military background makes me the perfect candidate to become a high level and hopefully professional soccer player. I am used to getting up early every day to train. I am always faithful to my club and country. I keep myself fit, have spirit and discipline.

NJTFC: Name 3 highlights of being a NJTFC player? 

Giro: 3 highlights of being a NJ Teamsters player are the quality of the other players....they are all very young, highly skilled and motivated. They challenge and strengthen me as an aspiring player. The training facility at Stephen R. Gregg Park is one of the best I have ever seen and is great to play on. The soccer pitches are crisp and beautiful. Last but not least, the club owners and staff have been so gracious to give me a chance at high level soccer, they make the players feel like a family unit and have taken me in to audition for their future endeavors for which I can't thank them enough. Coach Javier Romero also demands the best of each player at every game and training session. 

NJTFC: Has soccer been an outlet for you and if so, how?

Giro: Soccer is my main and favorite sport so yes, it is my outlet to live a healthy and active lifestyle while setting goals for myself and striving to reach higher levels of the game. It allows me to set a great example for young aspiring athletes.  

NJTFC: What are your goals in terms of your future in soccer?

Giro: My long term goal in soccer is to enjoy playing the game competitively for as long as possible. My immediate goal is to help NJ Teamsters in all competitions....every match, league and tournament is a must win as far as I am concerned.   I want to help by showing up for training and encouraging other players to do the same. I want to help the NJ Teamsters FC reach the highest levels of soccer we possibly can. I have professional aspirations as a player, and am of professional minded and will help this club as it moves in this direction. If the opportunity arises, I would like to play for the USMNT and win the World Cup. As Sir Alex says 'There is always someone watching' and I believe in myself and in this club.  

NJTFC: Name your favorite pro soccer player and why?

Giro: Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite player because he takes great care of his physique and is very amazing and consistent on the pitch. He is skillful, explosive, and great in the air and with free kicks. I also really love Zlatan Ibrahimovic because he is getting older, but continues to be a spectacular player. His persona and interviews are very amusing. 

NJTFC: To close out, tell us something inspirational since, you have fans that will want to learn something from your experiences? 

Giro: My inspiration is to find your passion and motivation, and go for it! If you possess the inner belief in yourself, you can achieve anything. 

Again, we want to thank Giro and the soldiers before, after and now for their service to our country. We, as Americans will always, 'Stand Ready to Strike,' on every level and we are BLESSED to have such brave men and women of our Armed Forces to protect and serve us. #salute