Catch Up: What Had Happened at NJ Teamsters vs Englewood Red Devils Was...

by Hector Tobar, B-Squad Player

NJ Teamsters FC Reserve Squad had our first loss against Englewood Red Devils at the bottom of October! Heartbreaking to say the least but,  the opponent had strength and consistency that dominated over our team. 

At the beginning of the match, our technical skills in holding the ball had us dominating the pitch, along with our constant attacking through our midfielders and strikers. Despite this, as the match prolonged our team found ourselves not prepared physically with respect to stamina and resistance. With a lack of physical stamina and fitness, overtime your body begins to give up, causing errors in decision making and inability to. 

Just to be clear, after the first 2 goals, NJ Teamsters Reserves' morale dropped significantly, as we found it hard to hold possession of the ball and not to mention, our defensive line dropped back. This resulted in the opposition having a dominant possession of the ball and pushing their attacking line forward, allowing for more attacking opportunities since they’re closer to our goal area.  When receiving the ball from an attack, our goalie would look for a long ball to the wingers or the striker creating a scenario of two players versus the opposition’s line of defense (center backs and fullbacks), which resulted in a loss of possession and counterattack. This was frequently repeated throughout the match following a total of 5 goals scored against NJ Teamsters. 

Now, let's talk about our goal opportunities. They were created through a possession of the ball and feeding the ball to the winger who then crossed it into the box and finished with a bicycle kick. The second goal was made through a possession of the ball near the opposition’s goal and a foul on our player. This in return led to a goal from a free kick. Overall, if the Reserve Squad was  physically prepared, we would have a consistent rhythm and flow of play that would compliment our style of play. Stay tuned for the next commentary!