Breaking News: NJ Teamsters FC & Owners are on New Discovery Channel Series “I Quit”

by Ahmadou Gueye

On August 18, 2020 NJ Teamsters FC’s President Alex Geraldino, CEO SIbrena Geraldino and NJ Teamsters FC players will debut as cast-mates on the new Discovery Channel series, “I Quit”.  The show shadows six sets of entrepreneurs as they follow their dreams to create successful business ventures. On what can be looked at as a gamble, the entrepreneurs decided to give up their steady income in hopes of making it to the big leagues. According to Deadline, only one business will win $100K but the question is, will it be the NJ Teamsters FC? 

As some hip hop legends put it, “scared money don’t make no money”. Sibrena Geraldino, a hip hop veteran media mogul, and Alex Geraldino, former NFL Cornerback, will show us the adventurous journey of giving it all up for another shot at the American dream. This time it’s in the soccer industry with their own professional club. On top of vulnerability and obstacles, this series will show courage, vision, and persistence needed to be a big boss.